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Every Solar PV Installation is a long term Investment and is deemed to give you returns year after year. But like any other investment, you need to ensure these returns are optimum and your asset value is safe. For the same, we need to take proper care and maintenance of our asset.

Now you can earn up to 30% more returns on your Solar PV Investment by opting preventive maintenance from us & keep the Solar System safe & increase the life of Solar System Components.


To prevent Solar System failure due to Component failure, Electrical Fault etc.

To rectify the problem of less unit production by the solar system.

To check proper working of all solar system components like solar panel, Inverter, DC Fuse, DC SPD & MCB. Earthing, LA, etc.

By performing predictive maintenance & corrective maintenance We can get up to 30% more returns.

Maximize the life of Solar System Components by regular interval maintenance.


Checking of all component of system for its proper installation and all performance parameter such as voltage & current of string, Earthing resistance, M.S.E.B. voltage / current etc.

Daily online generation monitoring. Provide that ( WIFI Support in made available by client )

Notifying manufacturing faults, Management of repairs / upgrades.

Weekly alert / follow up for Cleaning of Solar System by messaging.

Availability of inspection report with its observation & suggestion within 48 hrs.

In 24 hrs company for any sudden breakdown of Solar System to avoid generation loss.

Co-Ordinate with Solar Panel / Inverter manufacturer for any problem / breakdown occured.


Company will provide total 6 visit to the plant in a year. Out of these 6 visits, 4 visit will be regular visits / inspection carried once in every three months. Remaining 2 visits ( Emergency Visits ) will be as and when if required by the client or in case of sudden failure of PV system.


Photon Energytech Pvt Ltd is a company specialized in a Solar Rooftop Installation & Operation & Maintenance.

We at PEPL have young team of qualified Engineers & Professionals, who have in depth knowledge of Solar PV Installation of all magnitudes. Being fully conversant with technology, We fully understand the factors that impact your profitability.

Company's O & M division fully equipped with all the instruments required for checking of all system. There all equipments as required & necessary safety equipments provided during inspection proceeding.

The Company takes care that all the staff sent for inspection is properly covered with P.F., ESIC, Insurance.

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